Astonish Restoration offers three areas of service to maintain the value and magnificence of your antique objects and architectural features.

Furniture and Object Restoration and Conservation: Your furniture, antiques, ceramics, brass, or other valued objects receive professional repair and restoration by our craftsmen. We will restore your object to maintain its intended historical appearance and economic value. Your object will retain the aged patina and distressing but will look like a well maintained antique. If you desire a new China import look with polyurethane, please contact someone else.

Touch-up/Repair: If the majority of your object is fine but you need attention to dents, scratches, water rings and missing color from everyday use,  or damage repair after a move, we can do minor touch-up of the piece. We can often do so at your residence or office.

Interior Architectural Restoration: Older homes have beautifully crafted woodwork and stairs. Through the years, multiple owners often paint the woodwork. We can remove the paint and restore the woodwork to its original grandeur, significantly increasing the value of your home.