Restored Dresser

Fire damaged antique dresser.
Soot, smoke, smell and fire damage eliminated and the piece was restored.
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Broken Porcelain

Accidents happen. Pictured here, you see a broken porcelain tree.
We were able to mend and repair it to its original condition.
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Dog Table Repair

Our craftsmen have 20 years experience. They can undertake unusual projects. This is a composite, metal, and glass dog table. Its support structure was damaged due to poor design.
We created a new support brace to handle the weight of the object.
The added structure was colored, textured, and finished to match the rest of the table.
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Tall Case Clock

Tall case antique clocks are some of the most attractive objects we work on. This 1800s clock was had considerable age deterioration.
The base had missing veneer and badly repaired veneer.
The hood had finish deterioration, missing veneer, and badly repaired veneer.
The door of the hood exhibited poor previous repair and finish wear and tear.
A serious wood break in the back was repaired with butterfly keys.
The waist door veneer was repaired and restored with shellac.
The waist door veneer was repaired and restored with shellac.
This is the lower half of the restore clock.
The clock took 32 hours to restore to its original condition.
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Music Box

Sometimes we are granted the delight of working on very rare and expensive antiques. This is a 1890 Swiss Music Box. Because of the historic and value of the object, the treatment protocol was a strict conservation. All treatment was documented and reversible to maintain its value.
The objects European Elm Burl wood had lost its luster, there were structural cracks in the veneer, and the hardware looked worn.
This was a substrate crack that affected the veneer structure.
All of the ebonized areas were worn and had some minor damage.
A Smithsonian Institution solvent was applied by hand to the cracks to disguise them.
Soft edging sticks were used on the worn Ebony edges to bring back color.
The Smithsonian Institution solvent was applied to the discolored Ebony to revive the sheen. The legs were then paste waxed to even out the luster.
The brass hardware was cleaned and shined with Jeweler’s Rouge.
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Leopard Statue

We can also repair ceramics. This leopard’s head was broken into 7 pieces
We repaired the head. Filled in missing pieces and colored the repairs to match.
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Before & After Showcase