Lane Cedar Chest

This is the top of a lovely walnut Lane Cedar Chest. The top shows considerable wear and scratches.
The underside veneer had water damage and delaminated from the chest.
The chest color had darkened with age and obscured the beautiful wood grain. The color of the wood had become blotched.
The delaminated underside veneer was repaired, reattached, and re-colored to the bottom. The completed Lane Cedar chest turned out well
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Ginger Jar

Brass and copper are cleaned differently. It is important to use protocol that will not damage or scratch the object. Commercial cleaners are too harsh for fine objects.
We also restore brass and copper. This fine copper and brass ginger jar is from China circa. 1930. It was in need of serious cleaning and buffing.
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Eastlake Table

Antiques from the 1880s often need extensive repair. We are qualified to make repairs that retain the economic and historic value of the piece. The top of this Eastlake table was warped.
We had to level and re-glue the table top.
The table legs and sides were broken and in serious condition.
The table legs were repaired an attached to the top. The sides were repaired with the original period glue.
Final adjustments were made to make sure legs were in line and level on 4 sides.
Repairs to the sides of the Eastlake table.
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Church Door

This is a 160 year old Oak exterior church door. Wood and protective finish deteriorates considerably over the years.
The door was repaired and restored to last another 160 years.
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Canvas Trunk

This trunk from the early 1900’s was the client’s grandfather’s when he immigrated to the USA. It is made of canvas and decorative leather. The leather handles were missing. The canvas was missing color, and the leather had darkened with age.
The top of the trunk shows the color deterioration of the canvas, the condition of the leather, and rusted metal hardware.
The top of the trunk shows the color deterioration of the canvas, the condition of the leather, and rusted metal hardware.
The interior shelf had areas of missing wood. The missing wood was replaced with epoxy and colored to match the wallpaper.
The leather banding was cleaned and treated with shellac. Some of the missing detail was replaced by hand coloring.
The trunk is restored. Note the metal hardware, conditioned leather, and color replacement on the canvas.
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Brass Lamp

There are few craftsmen left in the USA that have expertise with brass. This brass electric lamp was made from an old wick oil lamp.
The lamp was brass plated steel. Some of the brass was worn away from improper previous polishing. Do not use commercial brass polishes.
The brass was cleaned with jewelers rouge.
The worn away brass was replaced with a brass gilding cream.
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Before & After Showcase