Antique Conservation in Roanoke, VA

Astonish Restoration Inc. Provides Quality Conservation

Do you need antique conservation in Roanoke, VA, or the surrounding areas? Astonish Restoration Inc. offers quality antique conservation services for those looking to conserve their antiques. When you conserve antique furniture, you are delaying the inevitable deterioration of the piece with minimal intrusion and no alteration. Extremely old and valuable objects will only retain their high dollar value through conservation. Conservation is really the preservation of original pieces in their current condition. We want to stabilize the antique and preserve the finish, surface, and structure of the antique.

Call us at (540) 769-6070 if you are looking for antique conservation services in Roanoke, VA, and the surrounding area. You can visit us at 6410 Commonwealth Drive in Roanoke.

Maintaining the Condition of Antiques or Family Heirlooms

Astonish Restoration Inc. attempts to maintain the condition of the antique or family heirloom. We also want to reduce the piece from deteriorating more. We make sure to secure chairs and sofas, keep carvings or moldings intact, and stabilize decorative finishes.

The Principles of Antique Furniture Conservation Include:

– Chairs and sofas should be secure for every-day use.

– Cabinet doors operate correctly, along with hinges.

– Carvings or moldings should be intact and secure.

– Furniture frame should support users.

– Veneer should be intact.

– Decorative finishes should be stable.

– We replace damaged glass with the same period glass.

– Gilding should match the original application.

Our Team Documents Everything in Conservation Services

Astonish Restoration Inc. accomplishes unmatched results through our antique conservation practices. Completed documentation is included for conservation. We document everything we do so our clients can show it to an appraiser or insurance company. Our conservators are keenly aware of the importance of maintaining the original design of antiques.

We Have High Standards for Our Antique Conservation in Roanoke

Astonish Restoration Inc. has high standards for our antique conservation work. We are attentive to the needs and goals of our clients. Our team wants to conserve your antiques or family heirlooms so they will last for generations. We treat every piece like they are priceless, because they are to you. Visit us from Roanoke, Salem, Botetourt County, or the surrounding areas.

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