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When you are looking for the most complete antique restoration in Buchanan, VA, Astonish Restoration Inc. is the answer. Our team provides unmatched antique restoration, repair, touch-ups, and conservation throughout Botetourt County, VA. Our stunning craftsmanship amazes and thrills our clients, who are looking to preserve their unique family heirloom. We are not just in the business of furniture repair. We are in the business of preserving your family’s history. Our goal is to retain the original finish on your furniture so that it helps to preserve the furniture’s character and value. 

Call us at (540) 769-6070 if you have any questions about our antique restoration services. Visit our shop at 6410 Commonwealth Drive in Roanoke.

Our Quality Antique Services Include:

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Our Antique Repair Preserves Heirlooms in Fincastle, VA

Astonish Restoration Inc. preserves as much of the original components and character of your family heirloom as possible. We want to preserve the value and appearance of your cherished piece in your Fincastle, VA, home. Here is how we approach antique repair:

– Repairs should be reversible. Someday, they will deteriorate as well.

– We replace missing veneer. This should be replaced, but we will remove very little surrounding material.

– We should use original glue.

– We should do any wood replacement with the same period species of wood.

– We should document all treatment.

Offering Antique Touch-Up to Pieces in Daleville, VA

Sometimes a large portion of your antique piece is just fine, but it requires a small adjustment. Antique touch-up is part of what we do at Astonish Restoration Inc.. Maybe Dents, scratches, water rings, or missing color is affecting the appearance of your antique. Antique furniture and family heirlooms might need minor touch-ups after you have moved them to the new house. We can often do the antique touch-up at your Daleville, VA, home or office. Why risk incurring more damage in the transport of the antique?

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