Antique Repair in Roanoke, VA

Astonish Restoration Inc. Makes Skilled Antique Repairs

When you need antique repair in Roanoke, VA, or the surrounding areas, Astonish Restoration Inc. is the best choice. You might have just bought an antique that needs repaired or you own an antique in need of repair. Whatever the situation, our skilled antique repair specialists can fix your most prized possession. We have made a vast array of antique repairs for dressers, tables, chairs, cedar chests, porcelain objects, and more. When we perform our antique repair services, we can fix scratches, broken legs, loose hinges, gouges, water stains, and sticky drawers.

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We Follow Our Two Antique Repair Principles

Astonish Restoration Inc. has two principles that guide us in antique repair. Our first principle is we want to maintain the integrity of the antique or family heirloom. Our second principle is we respect the historical and physical distinction of your piece. These principles mean we preserve as much of the original components and character of your antique piece as possible. When your antique furniture breaks and cracks, it can be heartbreaking. But you can trust our craftsmen to make a quality repair.

Preserving the Original Components and Character Is Important

At Astonish Restoration Inc., we preserve as much of the original components and character of your family heirloom as possible. We want to keep the value and appearance of your cherished piece. Here is how we approach antique repair:

– Repairs should be reversible. Someday, they will deteriorate as well.

– We replace missing veneer. This should be replaced, but we will remove very little surrounding material.

– We should use original glue.

– We should do any wood replacement with the same period species of wood.

– We should document all treatment.

Rely on Our Expertise for Antique Repair in Roanoke, VA

We know that you might be tempted to repair the antique yourself in an attempt to save money. But if you make a mistake, it could end up causing more damage to the piece. It is better to rely on Astonish Restoration Inc. in Roanoke, VA, to make the antique repair. Someone with expertise in the world of furniture repairs and restoration should handle antique repair. Antique repair is more than just cleaning an object. It is about making repairs that get the antique as close as possible to its original condition. Let us restore your priceless antiques in Roanoke or the surrounding areas.

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