Antique Repair for Smith Mountain Lake, VA

Antique Restoration, Touch-Up, and Conservation Services Available

Astonish Restoration Inc. Makes Quality Repairs in Moneta, VA

When you need antique repair for Smith Mountain Lake, VA, Moneta, VA, or the surrounding areas, choose Astonish Restoration Inc. Whatever the situation, our skilled antique repair specialists can fix your most prized possession. Our services include antique restoration, antique touch-up, and antique conservation. You might have just bought an antique that needs repaired, or an antique in your collection needs repair. We have repaired and restored antique dressers, tables, chairs, cedar chests, porcelain objects, and more. 

Call us at (540) 769-6070 if you have any questions about our antique restoration services. We offer free estimates on our work. Visit our shop at 6410 Commonwealth Drive in Roanoke.

Our Quality Antique Services Include:

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  • Delivery Service
  • Free Estimates

Huddleston, VA, Residents Pick Us for Antique Restoration

When Astonish Restoration Inc. restores your antique in Huddleston, VA, to its previous beauty, you will be glad you chose us. If you have an original or hand-crafted piece of antique furniture, you can depend on our team to restore your precious antique. We are very careful with the piece. We do not want to improperly restore the antique or decrease its value. You can count on us to treat the antique or family heirloom as if it were our own. We communicate with you through the entire antique restoration process. If there are any problems, we will let you know. 

Astonish Restoration Inc. Provides Quality Conservation

Do you need antique conservation for a family heirloom in your home in Smith Mountain Lake or Goodview, VA? Astonish Restoration Inc. offers quality antique conservation services for those looking to conserve their antiques. Extremely old and valuable objects will only retain their high dollar value through conservation. When you conserve antique furniture, you are delaying the inevitable deterioration of the piece with minimal intrusion and no alteration. We want to stabilize the antique and preserve the finish, surface, and structure of the antique.

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