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When you need antique restoration near Salem, VA, you should call Astonish Restoration Inc. Our highly skilled craftsmen provide unmatched antique restoration, repair, touch-ups, and conservation. We hope to completely amaze and floor you with our quality craftsmanship and attention to the smallest detail. We want the antique or family heirloom to retain the original finish. If it is a furniture piece that needs restored, we help retain the item’s character and value. We are not just in the business of furniture repair. We are in the business of preserving your family’s history.

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Salem-Area Clients Rely on Our Antique Repair Expertise

Only someone with expertise in the world of furniture repairs and restoration should handle antique repair. Astonish Restoration Inc. has that expertise. We strongly suggest hiring us to repair your antique in the Salem, VA, area. We know that you might be tempted to repair the antique yourself in an attempt to save money. But if you make a mistake, it could end up causing more damage to the piece. Antique repair is more than just cleaning an object. It is about making repairs that get the antique as close as possible to its original condition.

Your Antique Retains Value with Our Antique Conservation

Astonish Restoration Inc. near Salem, VA, offers quality antique conservation services for those looking to conserve their antiques. Extremely old and valuable objects will only retain their high dollar value through conservation. When you conserve antique furniture, you are delaying the inevitable deterioration of the piece with minimal intrusion and no alteration. Conservation is really the preservation of original pieces in their current condition. We want to stabilize the antique and preserve the finish, surface, and structure of the antique.

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