Antique Touch-up in Roanoke, VA

Astonish Restoration Inc. Makes Detail-Oriented Touch-Ups

Astonish Restoration Inc. performs detail-oriented antique touch-up in Roanoke, VA, and the surrounding area. Our touch-up services are ideal for minor repairs like dents, dings, and scratches in furniture, porcelain objects, and more. We stabilize the finish and repair the damage caused by everyday use, movers, kids, and pets. Over time, your antique wood furniture can accumulate scratches, stains, and other damage. It might seem like it is impossible to repair, but our antique touch-up specialists can make easy fixes.

Call us at (540) 769-6070 if you need our antique touch-up services in the Roanoke Valley. We will be glad to talk to you.

Touching Up Dents, Scratches, Water Rings, Missing Color, and More

Sometimes most of your antique object is just fine, but there is a small problem. Maybe it requires attention for dents, scratches, water rings, and missing color from everyday use. Antique furniture and family heirlooms might need touched up after you have moved them to the new house. Whatever the reason is for the damage, we can do minor touch-up of the piece. We can often do the antique touch-up at your residence or office to eliminate stressful transport. We work in Salem, Roanoke, and the surrounding areas.

We Help Antiques Keep Their Sentimental and Monetary Value

Your antique furniture and heirlooms have value, not only monetary value but also sentimental value. Astonish Restoration Inc. can make minor repairs so that your furniture retains its monetary value and historical significance. Our touch-up team can repair any furniture scratch, touch up any damage, and return your antique furniture to its former glory. We have the knowledge, practices, and tools to perform antique touch-up correctly.

Allow us to Touch Up Small Damages Right Away in Roanoke

As you already know as an informed antique owner, it is important to take care of your furniture. You probably already take care of it by using proper wood polish and clean it regularly, but mistakes can still happen. Your antique furniture might have nicks, dings, scores, or even a deep gouge. We have a specialized process to remove the finish if necessary. After we perform sanding and re-staining of the object, you will notice it makes a huge difference. It will be hard for you and others to tell that your antique furniture was in disrepair. Visit us in Roanoke for antique touch-ups and more.

You can visit us at 6410 Commonwealth Drive in Roanoke. Contact us for antique touch-up in Roanoke, VA.